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Prayer Day at //Khara Hais hosted by the Mayor

Mayor Prayer Event - 2015

The prayer session held annually by the mayor in the beginning of the festive season, was started in 2011. The mayor, Cllr LA Koloi thought it best to start praying at the four corners entering Upington. There was a time when people chose the easy way out, committing suicide on the bridge over the Orange River, alcohol and drug abuse, also signs of overall degrading moral values in our society. This year, together with the religious fraternals, we had a successful prayer event inside the Council Chambers. The mayor expressed her gratitude towards the different church organisations for their continued support with prayer towards this good cause.

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The Mayor of //Khara Hais receive awards


The Mayor of //Khara Hais received the following rewards:

PMR Africa Award for the most pro active Mayor the past 12 months.

PMR Diamond Award overall performance to the Municipality that did extremely well in the following aspects:

* for creating job opportunities

* social upliftment

* cleanest environment

* crime prevention

* attract foreign investors

* attract tourism

SALGA Certificate for Excellence in improving the Audit Report of the 2013/2014 financial year

The Mayor would like to thank everyone that played a role to make it possible for her to receive this awards on behalf of //Khara Hais Municipality.

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Mayor Koloi at the opening of the Kalahari Mall Nedbank Branch


A new Nedbank branch at the Kalahari Mall was opened recently and the Mayor was also invited to the event. The Mayor thanked Nedbank for their continued initiative to give back to the less fortunate communities in the //Khara Hais area. She also asked the other businesses to follow in the footsteps of Nedbank. The management of Nedbank also handed over Soccer jerseys to the Vela Langa Primary School.

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//Khara Hais Councillors at Development Programme by SALGA

At the back from left to right: Cllr JL Snyman, Cllr M Plaatjies, Cllr R George,  Cllr M Kock and Cllr J Thomas. In front from left to right: Cllr A van Wyk, Cllr SP May, Cllr J Moya and Cllr E Mnyaka

The Councillors of //Khara Hais attended a Councillors Development Programme last week at Desert Palace Casino Resort, presented by SALGA. Some of the issued they handled at the programme was about the Councillor Function, Understanding Legislative Framework, Municipal Service Delivery Improvement, Programme Management, Supply Chain Management and even Public and Media Communication to name but a few.

Councillors play prominent roles: as ambassadors for their communities they represent, lobby other spheres of government or private sector, defend the interests of minorities and the marginalised, and serve as trustees or protectors of the natural environment or historical heritage.

We are proud of our councillors, who are determined to improve Service Delivery in //Khara Hais Municipality.

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Die ontstaan van Erfenisdag


Theme – “Our indigenous knowledge, our heritage: Towards the identification, promotion and preservation of South Africa’s living heritage” MET die oorgang na ’n nuwe Suid-Afrika het die Suid-Afrikaanse regering besluit dat daar ’n dag (24 September) moes wees waarop Suid-Afrikaners, van watter bevolkingsgroepe ook al, hul eie erfenis moes gedenk. Dit beteken dat niemand moes vergeet wie en wat hy is en waar hy vandaan gekom het nie sê die Burgemeester van //Khara Hais, Raadslid L. Koloi. Elkeen moes op dié dag sy eie kultuur, geskiedenis en kultuurgeskiedenis in ere hou. Hierdie dag is toe Erfenisdag genoem en is die eerste Erfenisdag op 24 September 1995 gevier. Oud-president Mandela het die woord “reënboognasie” bedink om Suid-Afrika se uiteenlopende kulture, gebruike, tradisies, geskiedenisse en tale te beskryf. Erfenisdag moes ’n viering van daardie kleurryke verskeidenheid wees. Volgens die Burgemeester van //Khara Hais Munisipaliteit gaan Erfenisdag nie net oor die eie kulture van afsonderlike groepe nie, maar veral ook oor uitreiking oor die verskillende kultuurgrense heen. Elemente van nasionale eenheid, nasiebou, versoening en landspatriotisme moet dus gedurende hierdie tyd benadruk word. Die doel is ook om veral die jeug aan te moedig om Suid-Afrikaners se gedeelde erfenis in ere te hou. Erfenis is al omskryf as “dit wat ons geërf het: die somtotaal van die natuurlewe en natuurskoon,Read more…

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Tourism in //Khara Hais

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