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Re-registration of Indigent Households

The //Khara Hais municipality is currently busy with the re-registration of indigent households. The process started on the 1st of April 2016 and will end on the 29th of June 2016.

The officials of the municipality will go to the various wards and do the registration from there. The community will be assisted from a certain point or venue. The programme for the re-registration should be followed. This is one of the ways in which the Municipality is adhering to the Batho Pele principle of accessibility. It brings the service to the residents. The application forms for the re-registration process are obtainable at the table or venue where the registration process is taking place.

The following is expected from you:

  • Identification document (ID)
  • Proof of income or an affidavit which confirms unemployment by the occupant/s of the house.

The SAPS, police, will be at the service point to assist with the affidavits for those who are unemployed. It is critical to co-operate and to provide all the information which is needed during the re-registration process. The municipality will conclude that a household is not indigent if it does not co-operate or provide all the information which is needed.

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Merger between Mier and //Khara Hais

The Municipal Demarcation Board determines and re-determines municipal boundaries, the Board is also mandated by legislation to declare the district management areas; to delimit wards for local elections; and to assess the capacity of municipalities to perform their functions.

It is as a result of this determination of municipal boundaries process that it was decided that Mier and //Khara Hais Municipalities will be amalgamated into one municipal area, with a new name. A public participation process should ensure to involve the communities in the naming of the new municipality.

The aim of the process is to enhance community participation. Municipalities are obliged to ensure that participation takes the centre stage in the namimg of the new, merged municipality. The residents in the //Khara Hais municipal area are urged to attend the meetings for the public participation process. Here follows the programme:

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Water Project launched in Paballelo, wards 6 and 8

Municipal Speaker, Thomas Basson, councillors and the Municipal Manager, Mr Deshi Ngxanga during the sod turning project

The //Khara Hais Municipality recently launched a water services project in Paballelo. The project is aimed at improving the living conditions of the residents through water services. The provision of water services will lead to the installation of taps in the households. A total number of 1006 stands will be provided with access to water. Ward 6 and ward 8 will benefit from the project.

Construction Phase

A total number of 15 members of the community will be employed during the project and one Community Liaison Officer (CLO), who is from Paballelo. A total number of 16 taps will be installed and the pipe length will be ±1800m long.

Financing for the Project

The project is financed by the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) at a total amount of one million rand, R1,000,000.00.


The contractor is Namaqualand Conctruction.

The Speaker of the //Khara Hais Municipality, Cllr Thomas Basson, appealed to the community to cooperate with the contractor during the installation of the water pipes and the taps. This will fast track the project. He asked the residents to warn their children not to play in the trenches.

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Service Delivery Project is yielding results

Municipal Manager

The //Khara Hais Municipality started a service delivery project dubbed, Lungisa Konke, in 2014 and is has been up and running since then. Contrary to widespread speculation that this is an electioneering project, it is purely a service delivery initiative.

The Municipality chooses a ward and commit services and personnel during a week to do basic service delivery. They set up camp in a ward and attend to all the municipal services. The //Khara Hais municipal jurisdiction is made up of 14 wards.

Lungisa konke enables the municipality to have first hand experience of the challenges which people face on the ground. It takes the executive and middle management to the residents.

It also allows management to follow the projects through its rightful end. It brings the human face to service delivery. “I came across people who expressed their appreciation and sometimes anger at the pace of service delivery, said Mr Deshi Ngxanga, the Municipal Manager. I appreciate their honesty because it enables me to redirect, restructure and fast track service delivery, he further said.

He further stated that the opinions of the people cannot be reduced to mere complaints. They are genuine frustrations,

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Preserve Municipal Property

Mayor Koloi

The //Khara Hais Municipality has called on the residents to look after the property which is meant for their advancement. This include the parks, traffic signs, community halls and swimming pools.

They are there for the enjoyment and use of the community and they belong to the community. The Operation Lungisa Konke project is aimed at maintaining and preserving the property.

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The swimming pool in town is used on Saturday between 11:00 and 13:00 as well as weekdays between 19:00 and 20:00 by diving club members for exercise purposes. This exercise is only done at the deep end of the swimming pool.


Reitzpark is open from 08:00 till 22:00 everyday during September and March. The public should bring their own braai facilities.

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